Mock up of a book cover. Gothic building with gate half-closed. Text above gate says "A Dangerous Education". text over gate says "Cover Coming Soon." Text below gate says "Lizzie Jenks."

A Dangerous Education

He taught her to let go.  She taught him to hold on.  Then a student threatened to take everything.

Clarissa Livingston, PhD, goes up for tenure this year, and in the cut-throat world of American higher education, if she doesn’t get promoted, she loses her job. No way is she going to let a gorgeous army officer blow it for her. Just because he teaches her body to do things she didn’t think possible, doesn’t mean she can let him distract her from saving the career that is her life.

For Major Christopher Carter, getting posted to a college campus is a total kick in the nuts.  He is a battle tested field officer, and turning college kids into army officers is for desk jockeys. But nailing this assignment could lead to his dream posting, so he needs his cadets to learn life-and-death skills, and Dr. Livingston and her sexy brain are a dangerous distraction

Then a student begins acting erratically and threatens to upend Clarissa’s tenure chances, and the student is one of Carter’s cadets.  One with deadly inclinations. 

If they can’t work together to stop the threat, they will lose far more than their careers.

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