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Valentine’s Day is for Romance (Novels)

I am normally a fan of Valentine’s Day, since I am a big fan romance. But I find myself feeling a little bit anti-Valentine’s Day this year. There are several reasons I can see for this anomaly. “Exciting” transitions at the day job have been exhausting, eating a home-cooked meal is almost as expensive as eating out, and the commercial pressure to make expensive grand gestures when I am feeling exhausted and broke is falling flat. Enter the romance novel.

Romance novels offer no-pressure romance that only costs a few bucks, and those bucks go to a hard-working indie romance author who has more than earned them, instead of some giant, faceless corporation. Since most of the current inflation has led to record corporate profits, I am feeling a bit put off by corporations right now. Support your local indie authors!

But what does your husband think of this plan?

He, too, is feeling stressed, broke, and in no mood for pressure. And we had a lovely anniversary in January, so we are not lacking for romantic holidays. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday (a night I have to work well into the evening), reading before falling asleep and snoring is fine with him, too. He is happy to let the characters in a romance novel do the heavy lifting during the week.

Are you skipping Valentine’s Day?

Not at all, we will just celebrate it on our own time. Which definitely means on the weekend so we don’t have to worry about being up past our bed-time. We will order sushi — yum! — and support our local family run sushi place, then hang out together and watch a movie. I did fork over $8(!) for a card for him. When did Valentine’s Day cards from the grocery store get to be $8?! Holy mackerel. I could have bought two indie published romance novels for that!

Our celebration might sound a little out of the spirit of the holiday, but is it really? Commercialism isn’t very romantic. But romance novels are very romantic. And my hubby is very romantic. Why do we suddenly have to be romantic to a commercial schedule? How limiting. One day a year? Blech!

Romantic Happily-Every-Day

Romance belongs in any and every day of the year, and when you and a romantic partner aren’t both feeling it on the same day, grab a romance novel. Life isn’t Hollywood (thank goodness, if you think about it) and you and your partner don’t always have to be in sync. But a good romance novel is always there for you, and it guarantees you romance when you want and need it. Who doesn’t need happily-ever-afters right now?

What is coming up?

I am deep into my editor’s revision suggestions on A Dangerous Education, and I plan to get that out as soon as I can polish it up, format it, and get it a cover. I also plan to edit Devil in Our Hearts to get it ready for launch. Then it will be time to plunge blissfully into my Seven Years War/French and Indian War series.

What are you doing for Valentines Day?

Now that I have sucked the fun out of the holiday for you, what are your plans? Looking for some alternatives to what TV and social media try to insist we do? Here are 10 good ones. Enjoy the day, however you choose to celebrate it!

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