Dog in rainbow caterpillar costume drinking from water bowl.

What is Your Dog Dressing as for Halloween?

Yes, it is embarrass your pets season again. Or is that just in my household? Please tell me it is not just in my household.

Does your dog trick-or-treat?

My dogs do not trick or treat, because one of them has some…we’ll call them behavioral quirks. And he is big and loud, and we don’t want him to scare little kids who don’t realize he is waaaaay more scared of them than they are of him.

But we do dress our dogs up to walk them on Halloween and also as we dole out sugar fixes to the human kids in the neighborhood (and to ourselves in between doorbell-rings).

Do you give out dog treats along with candy?

I watched our local ice cream truck go by a few weeks ago, handing out dog biscuits alongside ice cream bars. That gave me the “aha” that I could hand out dog biscuits to loyal dogs who accompany their humans on their trick-or-treating rounds.

I am mortified I didn’t think of this sooner. Of course, my dogs will probably call 911 to report that I am stealing their cookies and then giving them to other dogs to eat the evidence.

And yes, we have an entire fleet of local ice cream trucks that make the rounds here, and yes, they make rounds until well after the fall décor is out on everyone’s lawns. We are hearty ice cream eaters here in the Northeast. I have literally walked through a snowstorm to get ice cream. But I digress.


I am a coward. I have given up trying to dress up cats. It never lasts for more than 5 seconds. And the post-costume first aid treatment for all the humans involved can be pretty extensive.

At one point I had three black cats, and I could put cat treats on the windowsills to “decorate” for Halloween. But the current kitty-beast is black and white and rotund, and people would wonder why there was a soccer ball in the window.

So, is it just me?

Do you dress your pets for Halloween? Drop a comment below the post.

  1. Of course!
  2. I would never humiliate my pets like that!
  3. I am still trying to figure out how to dress up my fish.
  4. I have figured out how to dress up my fish and am going to make millions on the interwebs!
  5. Other – please explain.

Why is this important?

What does this have to do with the book I am currently editing? Not much. There is zero mention of Halloween in my romance about an accused witch and a witch-hunter in Puritan Maine (though there is a dog, and the heroine is accused of being a witch).

Yes, I should be editing. But I am a sucker for pets in costumes. If you, too, would like to procrastinate with dogs dressed up for Halloween, check out this board on Pinterest of fabulous dogs in costumes – some are ingenious. I think my favorite is the cone-of-shame turned into a cereal bowl!

Image Credit: Lizzie Jenks

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