Devil in our Hearts

He vows to restore order.
She refuses to be ordered.

Widowed healer Ruth Turner doesn’t want to hang — but as the daughter of an accused witch, the gallows haunt her every step. When her closest friend comes under suspicion, Ruth rushes to defend her, because she knows the penalty for witchcraft too well.

Of course, the word of an independent woman only draws the blame to herself.

Witch hunter Daniel Kendrick will stop at nothing to end the evil that almost destroyed them all. But when Ruth appears at his door after dark, she stirs an unholy need that makes him question the direction of his investigation. Perhaps the enchanting widow is correct—perhaps he has been pursuing the wrong witch.

Forced to concede her freedom, Ruth picks marriage to Daniel over the noose, even as she fights the softer desires this driven man sparks in her. Without enough evidence to make a case, Daniel finds himself tethered to the very woman he sought to convict…and may yet.

But as Ruth initiates Daniel to the pleasures of the marriage bed, they ignite a passion that could consume the entire settlement and get them both killed.

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Contest news!

Devil in Our Hearts was chosen as a finalist in the Romance Through the Ages Contest (under its working title of Devil Among Us), and Ruth, the heroine of the story, as a finalist in their “Legends” category for most memorable character!

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