Image of book cover mostly obscured by plain brown paper. background is fall leaves, and the text says: "Cover Reveal."

Why do authors do “Cover Reveals” for their new releases?

Why do authors do cover reveals? There are more answers to that than you might expect. Some of those answers are business-related, some are because we are fans, too, and some are because we are just so darned excited!

Why are you so excited?

Speaking for myself with my current book-launch, there are two reasons I am super excited to do a cover reveal. First, I can’t wait to get my story into your hands because I think you are going to really enjoy it, and since I can’t do that quite yet (but very, very soon!), I can at least let you see the cover.

Second, the cover Emily at Emily’s World of of Design created is gorgeous! I have been bursting at the seams to show it off ever since she finished it! I do not have the necessary skill-set to create gorgeous covers, and I am so appreciative of those who do. Look at this cover:

Book cover with a man with open shirt, and woman with her hair down nuzzling each other.  The background is vivid orange and red fall leaves.  The text reads "Lizzie Jenks" at the top, and "Devil in our Hearts: a steamy historical romance" at the bottom.

Emily knocked it out of the park! (For those not familiar with American sports analogies, that is Baseball-speak for “she did an amazing job!”)

We are fans, too!

Authors are fans of books, just like any other book-lover. We enjoy the anticipation of the run-up before the release of an eagerly awaited book, and we know the anticipation is part of the fun. We enjoy the anticipation so much, and hope you do too, that we try to create more of it for you.

What are the business reasons?

Yes, there are practical business reasons for cover reveals, too. You might not know a book is coming out, and it is a good way to let you know (and at the same time create some of that yummy anticipation for you!). If you don’t know our book is coming, you might miss the release, and that would be depressing all around.

But what is the biggest driver for cover reveals?

Again, I can only speak for myself, but – true confessions – I am just a big kid who is so excited I can’t keep my enthusiasm to myself. I could be talking into the void and would be talking about it anyway! I am so jazzed up about the release of this book and the reveal of this gorgeous cover that I can barely sleep at night. There is the slightest possibility that I am driving my family to distraction.

What is this book about?

Devil in our Hearts is a steamy historical romance about an ungovernable widow accused of witchcraft and the witch hunter she is forced to marry. There is life-and-death drama, steamy sex, and passionate romance.

Tell me again who created that gorgeous cover!

Emily, of Emily’s World of Design, created the cover, and you can click here to see her website and a sampling of the many other fabulous covers she has created. She knows her stuff!

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